What we do

  • Design, develop, carry out and evaluate socio-educational and employment projects.
  •  Advise educational bodies.
  •  Offer Family Therapy and Counselling. Experts in adolescent age.
  •  Support Group to Grandparents of the 21st Century. Run by women’s associations and social centres for the elderly.
  • Design, develop and evaluate International Development Cooperation projects.

We carry out Learning Workshops, such as:

  • Acquisition of study habits. Study techniques.
  • Social and emotional skills.
  • Intervention.
  • School for Mothers and Fathers.
  • Addiction and Conduct Prevention.
  • Memory workshops for the elderly.
  • Grandparent Educators.
  • Promoting equality and mutual respect.
  • Actions in favour of human rights.
Other services:
  • Equestrian Schools.
  • Art schools.