• Alicia Bertó: Psychologist specialising in Learning Disabilities and Behaviour Problems. Promoting Independent Living and Healthy Ageing.
  • Laura Blay: Specialised Professional in Therapeutic Massage, Relaxing and Sports. Gymnastics Consultant for Dieting. 
  • Alba Escrivá: Diploma in Special Education and Monitor in Leisure Time Activities. 
  • Sheyla Quesada: Higher Technician Certificate in Tourism. Specialist Consultant in tailor-made holidays for businesses, pensioners or honeymooners. Teaching professional at the Tourism Centre (CDT), Gandia, and collaborating with the Polytechnic University of Gandia.
  • Mónika Benavent:  Advisor on study techniques and Education 2.0. Teaching revision classes and courses in Computer Science. Final year student of Technical Engineering in Computer Management. Training and Development Specialist.
  • Alba Soler:  Monitor in Leisure Time Activities for children and young people. Final year student of Diploma in Social Education. Undergraduate in Pedagogy. 
  • Jacqueline Back: BA (Hons) Hispanic Studies at Queen Mary, University of London, UK. TEFL Certificate Teaching English as a Foreign Language at all different ages and levels with 10 years experience in Spain. English course offered to senior citizens at social centre CEAM Gandia, funded by the Valencian Educational Authorities. Higher Technician Certificate in International Trade (VET). Spanish-English Translator.
  • Alicia Arlandis: Children’s Book Illustrator and Graphics Designer, Alternative Activities Teacher at social centre for the elderly CEAM Gandia and Coordinator/Monitor at the School of Baüls de Colors de LLavors. /